About Us

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Our Motto
Our motto is “Solving Problems and Making People Happy”. This isn’t some company motto that was thought up as a way to sell our services or market ourselves. Solving Problems and Making People Happy is truly a way of life for all of us at ITConnexx.
Whenever we are presented with a dilemma when looking at a situation at work, in our personal lives, or in our service out in the community; we all look at things from one perspective here at ITConnexx. That is, how can we solve this problem and make people happy.
Service Promise
Our service promise to our clients and those that we come in contact with is simple. We will solve your problems and we will in the course of that task make you happy.
Knowing You
We will get to know you, get to know your company, and form a deep understanding of your business. From that launch point we can apply technology that furthers your companies’ goals and helps you grow your business.