Vision, Mission, & Values


To be that valued, trusted, technology partner for small and medium-sized businesses in Northeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Ultimately to be considered part of our clients’ achievements and success.


To passionately deliver technology solutions that free small and medium-sized businesses to focus on their organizational goals and objectives.


Our guiding principles are reflected in our published ‘Core Values’ for ITConnexx:


Integrity – We promise high ethical standards and keep our promises.
We conduct business honestly, fairly, and ethically.  We are committed to doing what is right, especially when it is difficult.


Humility – We understand our limitations and seek guidance for improvement.

We grow by listening openly to feedback and criticism; always working for shared success, not self-recognition.


Passion – Our passion is a motivator for success.  Our success makes us passionate.
Our natural passion is the basis for having genuine care for everything we do.  It gives us reason to continue learning and is our foundation for pride.


Unity – Our genuine care for each other fosters teamwork, reliability, and loyalty.
We understand that team success has greater impact than individual goals.  Challenges are more easily overcome with unity than with independence.


Innovative – Through innovation, we continue to develop better ways to provide superior solutions and service.
We encourage a culture of openness and free expression, with allows idea generation and collaboration to be natural.