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We constantly remind ourselves, and all of our clients, that “everyone and anyone can sell technology”.  Yes we sell technology but that isn’t what defines us.  We sell a process.  We have a unique way of getting to know you, getting to know your company, and in the process we get to know your business.  By doing this and being involved with your company at a deep and personal level we deliver best practices tailored to you.


We are different because we believe what we do impacts people in a positive way.  We are part of the professional service industry, and our team is lined top to bottom with professional service providers that have a flair for Personal Servitude.


Visiting ITConnexx in our renovated, more than 100 hundred year old building, in the heart of downtown De Pere one gets a very quick dowse of how unified, dedicated, and enjoyable the team is.


We work hard and we sweat every issue our clients have.  But we like to have fun and we enjoy what we do.