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Do IT With Me

“ITConnexx has a highly professional and knowledgeable staff. The technicians are willing to work with me and train me rather than simply taking care of the project. I appreciate their excellent customer service and personal attention!”  Gina Fredrick – Director of Technology | Notre Dame de la Baie Academy


Complimenting Your IT Department with ITConnexx’ Do IT With Me

Imagine your IT personnel having a collaborative, reliable, trustworthy team of expert engineers at their disposal.

Do IT With Me is an ITConnexx program designed to partner with your existing IT personnel, or acting IT personnel, to deal with the challenges of rapidly changing technology.  At ITConnexx we offer a true technology partnership designed to collaborate with your organization to pinpoint areas that need strategic technology plans, which are designed to enhance your user and customer experiences.  We understand that you might not have access to the tools to fully accomplish your day to day IT tasks.  Do IT With Me is all about helping you to be successful at what you do with technology and your business needs.  When you choose ITConnexx you get a partner committed to “solving problems and making people happy.”

Partnering WITH Your IT Department with Do IT With Me will help, and increase, your IT Department’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Our partnership will provide:

  • Project Management and Deployment
  • Collaboration on all things technology related
  • Strategic technology plan enhancement
  • Access to a team of expert engineers
  • Á la Carte Services
    • Backup design and maintenance
    • Malware and Antivirus
    • CRM access
  • Product purchases

ITConnexx (slight pause)  Solving Problems and Making People Happy!  It’s what we do.