Be paranoid, be very paranoid of file corruption.  File corruption usually happens where there is a particular hardware issue or a bad sector on a hard drive.  Just because you have your Tin Foil Hat on, that doesn’t mean you are safe!  Sometimes when files are missing we are told “it just happens” by the experts.  That is true too!  We are the experts and sometimes we are forced to say that.

tin_foil_hatYes, it does “just happen”.

This should make you a little nervous and perhaps motivate you to invest in that backup strategy you’ve been putting off.

The fact is, stuff happens.  Things break. When things break, the failure can be catastrophic.  Perhaps your machine won’t turn on.

Disk Risk

The bottom line here is that all media has the potential to fail.  Hard drive on your computer can develop a bad sector.  Optical media like CDs and DVDs degrade over time.  Flash memory, as used in thumbdrives and SSDs, is known to literally wear out the more it’s written to.

But regardless of these and other causes, it can and does happen, and data loss is the typical result.


Data Corruption

Corruption is nothing more than data that’s supposed to be one thing erroneously getting changed to something it shouldn’t be.  For example, data that used to be:

ITConnexx is amazing and they just plain love people.

might suddenly become:

ITConnexx is amazing a�-t�?h�Z�O1E���-�Ca �f�E??IG�Gq+

Now, it’s one thing if the text you’re reading is suddenly garbled like that, but if that’s your financial data, or one of your installed programs, or even Windows itself, the results can be disastrous.

The good news in all this is that it’s not something that happens every day.  Hard drives often run for years without a problem.  But in a sense, it’s a game of Russian Roulette.  You could wake up one morning with a dead hard drive.  



So, how do you prevent corruption?

We love easy answers.  You can’t!

You cannot prevent a hard drive from developing bad sectors or failing.  It happens.  The best you can do is prepare.

What you can prevent is data loss.

The real “solution” is to know that someday, when you least expect it, and probably when it’ll be most inconvenient, it will happen.

The real solution is to be prepared with a complete and recent backup of your computer’s hard disk, your data, and whatever else is stored on any media that might fail.  That way, when, not if, failure happens, you can replace the failed component, usually a drive, restore your files, and get on with your life as if nothing major happened.

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