We love our Fishing in Wisconsin, but there is another kind of fishing, called Phishing.  No it’s not a Yooper thing, and No the Illinoisans didn’t event it so they can get all our real fish.


Phishing is a way for cyber criminals to send malicious links or attachment to download to retrieve confidential data, or to just plain infect machines with malware.


6 Tips to Avoid Phishing Attacks

  1. Asking for Personal Information is a Red Flag – Treat E-mails requesting personal or financial information with suspicion
  2. Check the Sender’s E-mail Address
  3. Watch for Links and Attachments – Hover your mouse over the text of the hyperlink to verify the link is to a legitimate website and ALWAYS be cautious when downloading attachments
  4. Typos Are a Red Flag – Phishing E-mails usually contain spelling errors, poor grammar, ugly text layout, etc.
  5. When In Doubt, Contact the Supposed Sender
  6. Install Security Software and Be Smart About Passwords

For a deeper read; the 6 Tips To Avoid Phishing Attacks from Forbes to learn how to protect yourself.

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