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So just the other day I was breezing by our CEO’s office and I heard a “Hey, check this out!”  Being  the always the inquisitive one, lover of new gadgets, and when our CEO speaks, I listen; I couldn’t resist asking “What?”

You are going to have to wait, there is a build up to this.

I come from a family that is always searching for those life changing products or services.  In fact we have almost made it into a bit of a competition.  That competition has lead us to some ill advised too quick to judge recommendations.  For example, the Ronco Pocket Fisherman; yeah, that didn’t quite pan out.

At family get to togethers we always talk about the legendary finds in family history.  My uncle found Rain-X, and before you knew it everyone in the family was using it and telling their stories of remarkably clear windshields during storms.  My brother discovered Body Glide, the anti chafing and blister prevention product.  Soon we were all going to extremes to both test the anti chafing and blister prevention on ridiculous hikes and marathon events and then tell our stories of anti chafing.  I contributed to the family legendary list of life changers with Dollar Shave Club.  Not just razors, no no; but One Wipe Charlies!

You’ve waited long enough, Mightytext!  I’m not sure if it will go down as a legendary life changer, but that will remain to be seen.  Pretty slick!  Free App.  Text from your computer, completely sync’d with your Andriod phone and number.  Sorry iPhone users, but I had to tease someone.

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