Mobile Devices, Laptops, Tablets;  Don’t forget physical security of these devices.

A continuation of our last blog post “Security and Convenience Will Always Be at Odds”  


Mobile Devices, Laptops, Tablets, etc.; are convenient because they’re portable.  But the downside of something being portable and accessible is that they can be easily stolen.

It only takes a few seconds for an unattended laptop to disappear.  That’s one reason I never leave mine alone: even if I step out for a moment, the laptop comes with me.

That being said, probably the best course of action is to prepare yourself for that day when your device does get stolen.  Not being pessimistic here, just practical.

Encrypt your hard drive.

Stored sensitive information in folders that are encrypted using BoxCryptor, which is not mounted unless you need something.

Lastpass is set to require a password re-prompt after a certain amount of inactivity.

Set two-factor authentication to enabled on as many accounts as support it, including Lastpass.

Install tracking/remote wiping software.

If you travel a great deal with mobile devices or you are one that likes to sit in public areas and work on your devices, a little attention to theft prevention and recovery is advisable.