It feels like almost every day there’s another data breach in the news, or a case of user credentials up for sale on the Dark Web.  Despite the headlines, and repeated warnings from experts about weak passwords and the dangers of password reuse, users have yet to change their online behavior.  We at ITConnexx are fans of LastPass and have no problem promoting their product.  But remember, password security is more about our behavior than it is about any software program or hardware security measures.

To get a better understanding of why users are so averse to taking the necessary steps to protect their online accounts, LastPass partnered with Lab42 to survey adults around the world on their attitudes and behaviors around password security.  The results: although we know what safe passwords should be, we tend to ignore this knowledge in favor of using easy-to-remember passwords, because the fear of forgetting is stronger than the fear of being hacked. Furthermore, the personality traits that normally define us seem to have little bearing on our poor behavior, but do help us rationalize it.

Are you rationalizing your less-than-secure password habits?  Our infographic below explores why you may be falling into the trap of bad passwords, and how our personalities may help us rationalize our insecure habits.