Simple Security Tips

If you are a follower of ITConnexx on Facebook or you read our Blog, you will notice a constant reoccurring type message.  Many of our messages start with, or include, the work “Security”.  We often get this question from our clients, our friends, our family, people we meet on the street, the guy sitting on the park bench, etc;  “Hey ITConnexx, why all the posts about Security?”  Answer?  “It’s just that important and at the same time that simple to make it happen.”  We usually say this while raising our voice a bit, flailing our arms about, and anything else to show just how important this is.


When it comes to providing security for your business, there’s a few basics that you’ll need to cover so a data breach doesn’t permanently close your doors.  Lucky for you, we are just that kind of company that cares and wants to share helpful tips so you can have all the major bases covered when it comes to providing security for your business.  Here is a look at a few simple security tips to utilize for your business.

Don’t Collect Any Information That You Don’t Need  Collecting information that your business doesn’t need can easily land you in hot water (especially in the event of a data breach).  Since people cannot steal information that you simply refuse to store, it’s important to only keep information that is absolutely necessary for your business to operate.

Don’t Use Personal Information When It Isn’t Necessary  Utilizing personal information can be very dangerous given how severe the outcome can be in the event of a data breach.  If you happen to have information on file (such as a credit card), it’s important to discard the information properly so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Limit Access To Sensitive Information  If you have employees that don’t work with personal information, there’s no need to allow them to access it.  In one instance where unauthorized employees gained access to sensitive information, the unauthorized employees accidentally sold over 7,000 files to a third party, which left the rest of the company being responsible for their actions.

Use Unique and Complex Passwords  Dog, 123, or anything that could be easily guessed is in no way, shape, or form a password.  Try to think of something original and unique that nobody could guess without access.  Once you discover an effective password, store it securely so that only the people who will need it can have access to it.  In addition to coming up with a secure password, make sure the password is changed every few months to prevent security breaches from past employees.  Even a step further, set your workstations to lock out after a period of inactivity.

Please considering the information above, take some time to look at where you really are with security based on what you have just read.  Setting up security practices is essential to keep your business practices running smoothly.  Again, lucky for you, ITConnexx is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news.  Contact us at 800-797-0345 or send us an email at for more information.