What is RDS?  Good question!

“Remote Desktop Services (RDS), is one of the components of Microsoft Windows that allows a user to take control of a remote computer, or virtual machine, over a network connection.”  Okay, a fancy way of saying you can log on to a server from your desktop and utilize all of the server’s resources and software.

There is one very specific rule with regards to RDS that one has to constantly remind oneself.  With regards to backups.  Backups are typically conducted on items that are in the Shared Drive, or company folders, and one’s Personal Drive, sometimes referred to by a letter, eg; ‘H-Drive’.

Bottom line, items shaved on the desktop or laptop/desktop hard drive (sometimes referred to as ‘c-drive’) ARE NOT backed up.  Should you save items on your desktop, or on your device’s hard drive, in the event of a device failure you will lose all of your files that were saved there.

As standard practice, do yourself a favor, and always make sure you are saving items you do not want to lose in the Shared Drive or your Personal Drive.


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