Out of all the new and exciting software enhancements brought to you by iOS 9, one that received its fair share of scrutiny from day one is the Wi-Fi Assist feature. Intended to help users maintain a strong connection to the internet, Wi-Fi Assist kicks in when your router signal is low, drawing a data connection from the data pool provided you by your wireless carrier.

Helpful it may be, however, a considerable number of wireless subscribers aren’t enrolled in a plan that offers an unlimited data supply. To that end, although some preliminary articles expressed how Wi-Fi Assist actually works, and, although Apple went so far as to clarify the feature, for some — it was too little, too late.









For whatever it’s worth, though, Wi-Fi Assist is actually an optional feature found within iOS 9, albeit that “optional feature” is activated by default after a user upgrades to the latest OS. Even still, the feature can be de-activated by visiting the Settings app > Cellular > and then switching the “Wi-Fi Assist” option to off.