It’s officially Golf Season here in Northeastern Wisconsin!  That is, minus that one last snow storm that might still be in our future.  No, I didn’t just Jinx it!

Nike Multi Layered Ball


Nike’s One golf ball


Here at ITConnexx we are all golf enthusiasts.  Whether we play, watch it on TV, or volunteer in local golf benefits; we all love golf.  We have too, our CEO is crazy about the game and we have to at least make an effort.

Ball Choice

There is a real misconception average golfers have, that they feel they are not good enough golfers to play the new multi-layer balls.  They think that if Jordan Spieth plays a Maxfli M3 Tour, for example, then they must not be good enough to play it, or that such a ball has too much technology that won’t help them anyway.  What the recreational player needs to know is that this technology is actually better for them than for the Tour player.  It helps the Tour player, sure, but it helps them more.  Here’s why.

First, these balls have such a low driver spin rate that they don’t hook or slice very much at all, making it easier to hit the ball straighter with the driver.  In fact, today’s multi-layer better balls have essentially the same spin rate off the driver as do the Pinnacles, Top-Flites, and other distance balls that they have been playing anyway.  In other words, from the tee, these balls perform like distance balls, so there is no need to fear them.

Think of it this way:  When a Tour player shoots 70 in a round, he or she hits the driver 14 times, which we’ve fixed or made better because the ball goes farther and straighter for these 14 shots.  Recreational players, who shoot 100, also hit 14 drives in the round, so they gain the same benefit off the tee as the Tour player does from the multi-layer ball, with respect to this lower spin rate.  Instead of playing 56 additional shots to the green and including putts (to make up their round of 70) as do the Tour players, they play 86 shots, which will fly higher, stop quicker on the greens, and offer more short game control and feel softer with the putter.  That’s 86 out of 100 shots that this type of ball improves for the average player, whereas for the Tour player it improves 14 out of 70 shots.  So the percentage of improvement is actually higher for the recreational golfer than for the pro, which, again, means there is no need for average players to fear multi-layer technology.

We “Solve Problems and Make People Happy”, and now we “Solve the Golf Ball Dilemma and Give you Better Scores’.  How great are we?  Now go hit em straight today!