Holiday Travel Tips


Like many Snowbirds here in the north, you may have plans to get away for warmer weather for the Holidays.  Tips for a safe Holiday; read our tips below to keep your home safe while you’re away.

-Posting on social media about leaving town before you leave puts your home at risk for burglary.  We recommend posting about it and uploading pictures when you’re back home!

-If you have a home security system, notify the company of the dates you’ll be away.

-Ask a trusted family member, friend or neighbor to collect your mail, packages, and newspapers while you’re away.  You can also visit the local post office and ask that your mail be put on hold until you’re back.

-Store devices and valuables in a fire-proof safe while staying in a hotel (or while they’re kept at home).  Not to mention, device pass codes are good to utilize, too.

-Make it look like you’re home by having your outside lights, inside lights, and TV’s set on a timer.  Maybe a cardboard cut out of yourself fixed to a moving toy to show motion?

-For you workaholics out there, test remote access to work before you hit the road!