Interesting facts about HumanS - Human body from inside
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Human Fact:  More people alive today, than have ever died

IT Professional Fact:  69% of IT Professionals will not admit what they do for a living for fear that they will be asked to fix tech things

Human Fact:  Only one in 2 billion people will live to be 116 or older

IT Professional Fact:  The average IT Professional is first and foremost a ‘problem solver’

Human Fact:  In 1 year the our heart pumps approximately 1,500,00 gallons of blood through the human body

IT Professional Fact:  Prefer Star Trek to Star Wars

Human Fact:  Human eyes are the same from birth but our nose and ears never stop growing

IT Professional Fact:  A normal human blinks 20 times per minute, IT Professionals blink on average 7 time per minute

Human Fact:  If people had the same mortality rate as in the 1900s, then over half the people in the world would not be alive.

IT Professional Fact:  All want to work at ITConnexx

Human Fact:  The average adult can read 150 – 200 words per minute and the vocabulary of the average person consists of 5,000 – 7,000 words.