Using our complex ‘Nerd Movie Rating System’ the ITConnexx Team reviews movies based on number of Pocket Protectors received. 5 Pock Protectors is the highest rating a film can receive.  Of course, having lots of technology in your film guarantees at one pocket protector.

This week we review, ‘Spectre’, staring Daniel Craig, in what most say is his last James Bond movie.

We give the film 2 Pocket Protectors 2 pocket protectors

This was Daniel Craig’s fourth James Bond movie and the 24th in the James Bond series.  It was also the most expensive to make of the twenty four coming in at $245 million dollars.

This movie was so predictable, slow in getting the story going, and almost devoid of technology; that is for a Bond movie.  During the film one nerd was heard saying to another nerd, “Geeesh, I could have written this movie on a bar napkin.”  For the most part these movies have come with a familiar invincibility for Bond himself.  But this movie was over the top as Bond shot countless bad guys out in the open with one hand on the machine gun and the other escorting the Bond girl while never getting shot himself.  Almost a laughable moment!  Hey producers, if you knew Daniel Craig was going to be in his last Bond movie, how about he gets shot or sprains his ankle, just once.

The Bond Girls were simply amazing.  I guess they felt like if they couldn’t wow us nerds with technology, although Q had a couple of moments, they could get us with the Bond Girls.

$245 million dollars divided by 2 pocket protectors = Boring, Predictable.  Let’s hope the next Bond movie garners more pocket protectors!