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Alex Sheppard

Senior Engineer

Sheppard, Alex (IT Connexx) 4121Cp Retou

Alex is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint based in Chicago’s Daily Plaza where he found his calling for Information Systems.


Alex then joined the United States Navy as an Information Systems Technician.  He went through Navy schooling and acquired CompTIA’s A+ and CompTIA’s Security+ Certifications.  He then went and served 4 years on board the USS Dwight D Eisenhower under their Information Assurance division.  He helped maintain security for more than 2000 devices and supported more than 6000 personnel.


He then was stationed in Green Bay Wisconsin’s Navy Operational Support Center for 4 years as the Information Systems Security Officer and Security Manager where he developed and maintained an organizational cyber security program for mission specific network/software/hardware processes and procedures. 


Alex was honorably discharged after serving 8 years in the US Navy.  He is an expert in SIEM software, DLP management and security solutions.  He is adaptable to overcome various IT issues with precision.


Alex loves to spend his spare time with his wife Stephanie and his kids, Jack and Sadie.

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