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Christiaan Venter

Systems Engineer


Christiaan hales from South Africa.  “Living in Cape Town surrounded by technology, projects, and the ocean.” In his spare time, if he is not spending it with family, friends, or online gaming, he finds ways to put computers in places that should not have them.  He has also amassed a handful of old radios from the 50’s and 60’s to give them new life as functional display pieces.  Christiaan has been working in IT since 2014 in animation studios and schools.

“I’ve also been a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’.  I have immersed myself in everything from audio recording and mixing, live streams and video editing, networking switches and layouts, Crypto mining and trading, Woodworking/DIY, sung in the Philharmonic Choir of Cape Town, joined the local Classic Mini clubs and had my own project Mini from 1973.”  He has done all this while battling chronic illnesses from Malaria, 3 times, and other exotics found in Botswana.

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