Fabian Piontkowski

Systems Engineer

Fabian Piontkowski.jpg

Fabian is a Polish guy, who was raised in the UK, later lived in Serbia and Hungary as well, so we can safely state that he likes travelling (or moving, not sure). But one thing was constant these years: IT!


Fabian joined the ITConnexx team in 2021.


As gamer kid, he’s realized early, that he had a passion for knowing how computers work. That realization sent him down the technology path.  Fabian started with helping out in his high school’s IT department. Next he began working for a small company where he could learn the job and tasks of a Systems Administrator both in the field work and behind the desk.  


Fabian started exploring Eastern Europe.  After a few classic office-based IT support jobs, he went into working remote and has accumulated a great deal of experience in Customers Service and IT Support.


When not working, he spends his free time with his wife, their dog and 5 cats, watching movies, gaming, exploring other countries. His biggest dream is to learn to fly a plane.