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Managed IT Services

Focus on Business, Reduce IT Costs, and Increase Productivity

Our outsourced managed IT services help to ensure that your technology is always taken care of, always optimized, and always in line with your business objectives.  These fixed-fee services deliver an all encompasing approach to managing your technology.  Whether your organization chooses to work with us by the number of technology consumers or the number of supported machines, know that your technology problems become our #1 focus.

Our Managed IT Services will help Your Organization...

  • Improve employee productivity by minimize downtime as a result of system failures

  • Minimize your risk by protecting your network, desktop, laptop, and data from internal and external threats

  • Budget for IT expenditures by removing variable costs associated with IT management

  • Focus on business objectives and tasks rather than handling your own problems and providing help to other team members

  • Apply technology as a strategic asset to gain competitive advantage

  • Receive the benefits of an in-house IT department without the costs

  • Get immediate technical support from certified, knowledgeable, and available technicians

  • Resolve problems quickly through remote assistance

  • Extend the life of existing technology investments

Uptime Assurance & Monitoring:

Early Warning System and Protection from Impending Problems

Through the deployment of sophisticated tools and automation, we are able to identify and resolve problems with your desktops, laptops, servers, and network before they result in system downtime. Clients have found this significantly decreases the number of problems employees experience with their technology and simultaneously allows us to increase machine performance and prolong system life cycles.

Data Backup & Business Continuity Services

Losing data, a hard drive, server or your office can be devastating.  93% of businesses that lose their network for more than 10 days due to a disaster file for bankruptcy within 1 year.  At ITConnexx we implement a combination of best practice approaches for delivering reliable and affordable backup and recovery solutions.

Restore and Recovery: Assurance for your business critical data...
  • Minimizes risks and liability associated with data loss

  • Managed solution frees staff from managing external hard drives, tapes, and other back solutions

  • Short recovery time due to loss of data, hardware failures, or disaster

  • Availability to store backup data in offsite locations adds additional layer of protection from data loss

Business continuity in the event of a catastrophic loss of network, server, or facilities.
  • Organization can continue operations with their existing data if network, servers, or facilities are lost to a catastrophic event.

Email Security, Archiving, & eDiscovery: Protecting Electronic Communication

Protecting your email communications from today’s threats, whether spam or viruses is critical in today’s business environment. Our managed email security and Reflexion solutions ensure that your in-boxes are protected from evolving threats so that your employees can continue to work without having to waste time sifting through junk mail. Our filters also protect mailboxes from email borne viruses that can cripple computers and even entire networks.

Mail Security
  • Keeps mailboxes, computers, and laptops free from virus infections and other threats.

  • Saves employees time by allowing only wanted e-mail.

  • Increases mail server performance and Internet connectivity speed by stopping unwanted email traffic before it reaches your network.

  • Continue to receive e-mail if there is an Internet connection, server, or power outage.

  • Customizable filtering for unique user’s preferences.

  • Preserves integrity of primary e-mail address.

  • Protects organization’s reputation and helps avoid business disruption due to IP blacklisting.

Mail Archiving & eDiscovery
  • Automatic archiving of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email.

  • Encrypted archive for secure, long-term retention and easy access (up to 7 years).

  • Instantly identify and retrieve email and attachments, recovering them directly to desktops.

  • Empower employees to perform multiple levels of live search for any email or attachment within the archive

Network and Desktop Security: Keeping you ahead of today's threats

Protecting your network, computers, and laptops from malicious software is critical in preventing problems that result in downtime, lost productivity, expensive repairs, and the potential for organizational liability.  Our proactive services involve no interaction from you or your staff.  Automatic measures are taken to ensure that your systems are running the latest security software with the most up-to-date patches, removing the need of your employees to have to worry about updating their own software.

Network Security
Best-in-class gateway protection from external threats caused by spyware, viruses, and network intrusions.
  • Prevents Internet-based threats from entering your network.

  • Helps prevent workstation performance loss.

  • Protects from the loss, exploitation, or corruption of data.

  • Ensures network users are participating in permissible browsing and Internet activities.

  • Minimizes financial damage to companies through compromised computing systems, lost productivity and the theft of passwords and other confidential information.

Desktop Protection
World class, enterprise level antivirus, anti-spyware and rootkit protection for servers, workstations and laptop computers.
  • Removes need for employees to manage own desktop security.

  • Keeps systems free of malicious software.

  • Protects individual and organizational reputation by preventing the spread of viruses.

  • Helps prevent workstation performance loss.

  • Protects from the loss, exploitation, and corruption of data.

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