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Are Your Files on Your Device Safe?

Everything is rosy and all of a sudden, your computer starts misbehaving. Webpages are lagging, programs are slow to open, and then (yikes), the blue screen of death or a spinning wheel.

It could be any number of things, but there is a chance your trusty hard drive is giving out. At this point all you can think of is "Am I going to lose all my files?" Stay calm, for now. There are ways to make sure your data remains safe and sound.

Prevention is the Key Here.

Protection begins with prevention, long before those data alarms can ring.

Regular backups: Imagine never worrying about losing important pictures, videos, work documents and everything else on your computer. Spoiler: You do not have to stress if you do regular backups. You can do this to an external drive, but cloud backups are easier. Oh, and if you don’t want to think about it, you can always set up automated backups. A recommendation here; IDrive.

For our clients we always tell them to make sure your documents are saved on the company shared drive, NOT on your desktop. Should a crash happen, often times desktop documents are gone forever.

Scan and repair disk errors: Your computer has built-in ways to make sure nothing is going wrong behind the scenes. Disk Utility for Mac and CHKDSK for Windows can help scan and repair potential disk errors.

Check for updates: Regular system updates bring performance fixes and security enhancements that can save your data. Stop hitting “Remind me later.”

With ITConnexx none of our users ever have to worry about updates and patching. We do it all!

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