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Covid-19 Relief Checks

The slow roll out of COVID-19 relief checks in the US has created a new avenue of attack for cyber criminals. An estimated 4,300 malicious web domains related to COVID-19 relief have popped up in the last month, and Google reports that they’re stopping 18 million suspicious COVID-19 related emails per day.

With “Where’s my stimulus check” a top query on Google, many of these domains are being used to snare unsuspecting users into giving away their personal information. Others are fodder for a deluge of phishing attacks that aim to capture personal information or deliver malware. 


How is this a business problem? Because most staffers are working remotely, cyber-security-related personal problems become business problems quickly. For example, if a staffer checks their personal email on their work computer and downloads a guide to claiming their stimulus check that’s actually ransomware, it’s now a business problem – and there are many more ways that businesses can be put at risk through worker activity related to stimulus checks. 

ITConnexx can help your business devise a plan for better cyber-security with the tools and expertise we offer. Contact us at today. 

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