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Half of Companies Are Missing a Piece of the Security Puzzle

Is your business covering all of the bases when it comes to remote and hybrid security? Many companies weren’t even close to prepared to manage IT or secure data remotely at the start of the pandemic. This uncertainty has given way to a whole lot of companies that have security gaps – and they’re all big enough for cybercriminals to slide right into.

Four dangerously large gaps that companies uncovered exposed major vulnerabilities in cybersecurity fundamentals. These deficiencies notch up threat for businesses and create cybersecurity loopholes that cybercriminals will be quick to slip through. Digital News reported:

  • More than 50% of organizations discovered serious gaps in employee cybersecurity awareness.

  • Almost 50% of companies have done no training for employees around remote workforce risks.

  • 58% of companies found that their employees ignore their cybersecurity guidelines and policies.

  • 85% of CISOs admit they sacrificed cybersecurity to quickly enable employees to work remotely.

BullPhish ID makes it easy for organizations of any size to conduct security awareness training that includes phishing resistance for every user painlessly. Affordable and quick to deploy, BullPhish ID offers exactly the right blend of features to get training programs up and running fast.

  • Fully customizable training simulation kits including messages, URLs, video and attachments

  • Automated deployment with pre-made plug-and-play phishing kits

  • Online quizzes to measure retention with crystal-clear reporting

Contact ITConnexx to inquire about BullPhish ID for your organization or just to have a chat about your cyber security.

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