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Security Tips for Your Employees - IT and Everything Else

There is no “silver bullet” to ensure your facility is safe and secure. Therefore, security should be viewed as everyone’s responsibility. Your best bet at reducing risks is by having a well communicated plan that involves all stakeholders, including company management, security staff, IT staff and your employees.


  • Password management: Ensure all portable equipment such as phones have security passwords. Ensure your passwords follow proper safety guidelines. Make sure you do not store them in easy-to-find locations. Do not use the same passwords across multiple locations. Contact your IT expert for tips on proper password protocol.

  • Protecting sensitive information: Never send sensitive information to others through email. Use a secure file transfer system that encrypts the information and allows access by only an authorized recipient. Ask your IT expert what system to use if you are unsure.


  • Lock your computer and devices when you step out of the office.

  • Report any lost or stolen equipment to your IT expert immediately.


  • Email scams: If you receive an email that looks unusual, even if it appears to be an internal email sent by another employee, check with the sender before opening attachments. If you are unsure, go to the company website instead of clicking a link in email.

  • Phone scams: Scams may also be perpetrated via phone. Never give out personal or company confidential information over the phone to an unknown caller.


  • Tailgating: Do not let unfamiliar persons follow you into private or locked entrances into office space. Our natural inclination is to be polite and hold open the door for the person behind us. Not doing so can be awkward. However, tailgating is one of the most common methods professionally-dressed thieves use to gain access.


  • Buddy system: Walk with another person when entering or leaving the office, building or garage during low traffic times. If your building has security guards, take advantage of their presence and let them know when you are coming or going.

  • See something, say something: Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious, notify building or office security. This could include suspicious or unattended packages, persons loitering where they should not be, persons trying to enter a restricted area, persons possessing a weapon, and more. Never base suspicions on race, ethnicity, national origin or other personal traits or characteristic.


A surprising amount of office theft is actually internal. Keep your purse, wallet, phone and other valuables out of site, preferably locked in a drawer.


  • Know your emergency evacuation and preparedness procedures.

  • Know the points of emergency egress.

  • Become familiar with where fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers are located within your space.


  • Avoid overloading power outlets or strips. Unplug non-essential equipment at the end of the day.

  • Keep your work space free of debris and clutter.

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