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Thanksgiving & Technology: A Win Win!

Soon we will all be putting our 'eating pants' on. You know the ones. The elastic waist band dress slacks, the sweat pants without draw strings, and that extra baggy shirt, untucked of course. Thanksgiving has been a cherished holiday tradition involving lots of family and lots of food. Probably only second now to Shark Week.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the past melding with the technology of today. However, without being a distraction, there are ways technology has improved Thanksgiving traditions for all of us.

1: The Dreaded Photoshoot

Use a smartphone! In the right hands, family photos are easier than ever to take.

2: Abundance of Recipes

With access to the internet from tablets and smartphones, pulling up recipes from all around the world right in the middle of your kitchen counter is easier than ever.

3: Football Game or Macy’s Parade?

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has provided a solution to a hefty, recurring problem allowing the family to watch the game while recording the parade.

4: Cyber Monday

Make use of this modern holiday and explore countless stores online that you would never have enough time in the day to visit!

5: Personal IT Team for Relatives

Thanksgiving is a day for relatives to ask each other for help with their devices since they will likely have a whole IT team surrounding them.

6: FaceTime Family That Could Not Make It

Using video applications like FaceTime or Skype allows family members from any location to call each other during the holidays. Now instead of just a phone call we can have face-to-face interaction with the ones we miss most.

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