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Service Coordinator

Bernard, Matthew (IT CONNEXX) 7014Cp Retouched.jpg

My parents got a computer when I was 6 years old living in La Maddalena, Italy and I got my start with Math Blaster.  Since then I’ve always been into PCs, getting the Play magazine every month while I was in the UK, getting into P2P with Limewire when I moved to the states in 2001, building my own PC in college.  When I got started working at Spectrum and UHC I would serve as the “IT Guy” for everyone.  I’ve spent years honing my Google-Fu to solve problems and work on my own personal projects.  I’ve taught myself how to use Excel with VBA, SQL, and Python.


When I’m not sitting in a darkened room lit by the glare of a PC monitor I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing RPGs (Right now I’m running Delta Green and playing in D&D and Pathfinder) and board games (some of my favorites are Mysterium, Dune, Spirit Island, and Unfathomable), traveling (so far I’ve been to over a dozen different countries including Egypt, Ireland, and Greece), frolfing and watching movies (my favorite genres are horror and sci-fi)

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