Meet the ITConnexx Team

Founder, President, & CEO
"The Boss Man"

Brian has spent more than 25 years in the Information Technology arena, developing efficient networks for as few as two computers to as many as three thousand.

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Office Manager
"The Only Girl"

Amy brings to ITConnexx a vast array of business experience ranging from accounting and client relations to event planning and human resources management.   

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Senior Engineer
"The Google Master"

Aaron joined the ITConnexx team in early 2014 as a Network Engineer with over 8 years of combined IT and Customer Service experience.

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Jacques Kritzinger Portrait.JPG
Systems Engineer
"The Gentleman"
Jacques started his passion for technology at an early age.  His Dad bought his first Pentium 4 computer for him when he was just 7 years old
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Systems Engineer

Jake has been serving as an Intern with us and will be graduating in May of 2022 from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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Chief Operating Officer
"Big Fish Bill"

Bill comes to ITConnexx after having spent the past 35 years in various roles with companies focusing on Outsourcing Services, Systems, and Marketing. 

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Service Manager

After his High School teacher recruited him to be a Computer Tech Aid, Travis found his passion in life -- working in IT. Travis has more than 15 years of experience.

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Deprey, Evan (ITCONNEXX) 9728Cp Retouche
Systems Engineer
"Captain Eyeball"

Evan joined the ITConnexx team in 2020 as a Systems Engineer with field experience and an Associate's Degree in Network Administration and Cyber Security.

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Fabian Piontkowski.jpg
Systems Engineer
"Pole Malone"
Fabian is a Polish guy, who was raised in the UK, later lived in Serbia and Hungary as well, so we can safely state that he likes travelling
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Chief Technology Officer
"The Genius"

Jason joined ITConnexx in 2009 as a Senior Systems Engineer. He works closely with the team to provide solutions that exceed the needs of the customer.

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Sheppard, Alex (IT Connexx) 4121Cp Retou
Senior Engineer
"The Gunslinger"

Alex is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint based in Chicago’s Daily Plaza where he found his calling for Information Systems. 

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Berndt Austin (IT CONNEXX) 2428Cp Retouc
Systems Engineer
"Sir Applesauce"

Austin joined the ITConnexx team in Spring 2021.  Austin holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

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Adam Antal

Systems Engineer
"Ant Man"

At the age of ten my dad bought our first desktop PC.  Still laugh at the cost back then.  Since that day I was hooked on technology.

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Max Headshot.JPG
"Cotton Candy"

Max joined the ITConnexx Team as a Intern in June of 21'.  He graduated Neenah High School in 2017 and is currently attending the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay.