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IT Outsourcing Services that Align with your Business Goals

Managed IT Services

Our outsourced managed IT services help to ensure that your technology is always taken care of, always optimized, and always in line with your business objectives.

Do IT For Me

Do IT For Me is an ITConnexx program designed to partner with businesses that may not have the resources or the expertise to deal with the challenges of technology.

Do IT With Me

Do IT With Me is an ITConnexx program designed to partner with your existing IT personnel, or acting IT personnel, to deal with the challenges of rapidly changing technology.

Business and Project Management

Drawing on our experience, we often find that organizations, although in different fields, often need to help advance their technology with complex business or project services.

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor, identify, report, prepare, predict, and prevent - all in an effort to keep you safe from the dark web. We leverage the power of DarkWebID to ensure that your most precious data stays safe.  

Personal Identity Monitoring

We monitor your Personal Identity, Social Media Profiles, and Credit Profile to keep you safe from personal attacks and hackers. The dark web is a scary place, but not with Personal Identity monitoring from SpotlightID

ITConnexx is a Managed Service Provider dedicated to providing you with a trusted partner to help you avoid the pitfalls and mysteries of technology so you can focus on what you do best – “Run Your Business”.  We understand that your time is precious and that you have more important issues to deal with than your technology.  Navigating technology can be a daunting challenge for any small or medium-sized business owner, office manager, or corporate IT director. Having a trusted business and technical adviser who can support you through all elements of technology strategy, IT management, and technical support delivery can help save significant costs and headache. By aligning technology strategy with business goals, employee effectiveness and productivity increases, goals are achieved in a more timely manner, and technology serves as a strategic asset.

Using a managed service provider ensures that your technology runs smoothly and productivity remains at peak operating performance.

Whether you wish to augment your current IT Department, or completely outsource, ITConnexx has the perfect product for you.  ‘Do IT For Me’ is a fully outsourced solution created to allow you to focus on growing your business while we run your IT.  ‘Do IT With Me’ is a program built to help your IT staff leverage industry knowledge and have a true partner for your technology needs.


Utilizing ITConnexx as your service provider for IT allows the luxury of predictable costs to make for simple budgeting while having a road map for technology and plan for the future.

ITConnexx delivers a full suite of fixed-price IT outsourcing services to help small and medium-sized businesses leverage technology in ways that most have thought were reserved for large corporations. A strategic 360-degree view of the technology life cycle is uniquely developed for each client to ensure that there is always alignment of IT strategy and business objectives.

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