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What People Are Saying

We have recently hired a new office manager. To make her feel welcome, the staff was interested in updating the desk phone displays to reflect her name. Apparently no one knew how to do this, since phones were part of the past Office Manager's responsibilities. I received a call asking if I could update the phone information. Having managed the phone installation 7 years ago I had some familiarity with it and guessed I could figure it out.

Shortly there after, I received another call sharing that the update was completed, but no one knew how it was done. Upon further inquiry, people discovered that the staff had connected with your team and it had been quietly taken care of. In fact, some backlog of changes were taken care at the same time.

This is exactly what we talked about when we engaged ITConnexx. Things just get taken care, often without anyone at our organization even knowing. You are just the technology organization we call when an issue arises.



Mike B. - Board Member | Religious Institution

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