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2023 Gizmos & Gadgets for the Holidays

Updated: May 7

2023 offered up another exciting year in the world of consumer electronics, delivering meaningful upgrades to some of our already-favorite gear of last year, as well as some pleasant surprises.

  • Apple released MacBooks with powerful new silicon, and the iPhone 15 was a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Google made a phone that uses AI to take better pictures no matter how uncooperative your subject is.

  • This year also saw more companies attempt to usurp the Steam Deck OLED as the king of handheld gaming PCs.

Some of the year’s best gadgets took a more refreshing analog approach to design.

  • Teenage Engineering’s stunning pocket microphone and recorder reminded us there’s beauty in simplicity.

It was a good year for gizmos, doodads, and gadgets. We highlighted the ones we really loved and that we think will add a little fun to your day.

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